Archív: 2018

RISC-V – Design, Configuration, Customization, and Verification

D0206 17:15 - 00

RISC-V is a free standard-defining ISA (instruction Set Architecture) of a processor. The ISA is modern, modular, extendable, and open, and anybody can implement it. One of the many exciting features of RISC-V is the possibility to add custom ISA modules for particular application domains, such as signal or image processing. The resultant processor remains RISC-V compliant. The choice of specific ISA modules for a processor depends on the designers – it can be a combination of standard and custom modules. Codasip is the leading provider of RISC-V processor IPs and tools for their design and verification. We implement the standard ISA modules, but we also allow users to design and verify the custom ISA modules. We encourage users to optimize RISC-V processor IPs so that their products outperform their competitors’. Come and see how quickly you can learn to configure and customize the RISC-V processor IPs yourself!