Archiv: 2021

Introduction to Webassembly

Místnost E105 - 18:30

Webassembly is an instruction set architecture designed for a stack-based virtual machine. It was designed for the web browsers, with the main goal being to execute programs written in a variety of languages in a safe way, without having to support each language in the browser separately. However, Webassembly is becoming an interesting technology even outside of the web platform. Developers of cloud services, embedded and edge applications are also using Webassembly nowadays. This talk will introduce the fundamentals of Webassembly, explore the tools and runtimes available for it and look at the differences and similarities between Webassembly and other programming environments. Finally, we will look at existing and emerging use cases for Webassembly across Web, server, and embedded applications.

Ivan Grokhotkov

I have been working on software for embedded and connected devices at Espressif Systems for the past 6 years. Most recently my technical interests are related to low-level and CPU specific code, compilers, linkers, debuggers, and emulators. Currently I lead the team building open-source software frameworks for Espressif chips. I am fascinated by all the technology that is enabled by open-source software, and in my work I am trying to bring open-source philosophy to the semiconductor business.