Archív: 2022

Dreams vs. reality of applied data science in observability space

Místnost E112 19:00 - 19:25

Service observability is a capability of software to produce sufficient output (metrics, logs, traces…) to reason about its internal state. In the last couple of years we've seen tremendous development in this area, especially in connection to distributed architecture and microservices. At the same time, AI/ML became commodity, with even very sophisticated tools available as open-source ready to be used against any data.

Nenad Perić

Nenad is an Engineering Manager at Red Hat who spent his professional life in different technical roles. He started his career back in the days of MS-DOS 6.22, moved through classical data centers and networking, past virtualized environments and is most recently riding the waves of hybrid infrastructure. His passion for technology remains strong, and he hopes that his experience and drive can help his team of curious and talented engineers discover and develop new amazing things.